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A Short Note On Instagram Likes And Followers

When we appreciate something, we adopt a certain liking for it. When this likeness reaches our heart and knocks with complete zest, we surrender our soul and start imitating according to the object of desire. In short, we initiate to follow that. And sometimes we ourselves become someone’s apple of eye. We seek the same attention and love on social media as well. Now-a-days, Instagram stands as one of the most popular apps among others.


Instagram is the sum of two words “insta”+”gram”. Insta means “instant photography” and gram means “telegram”. It is a social interacting app where people from entire world interrelate globally. It also operates as a media sharing app. It was launched by Kevin Systrom and Mike Kreiger on 6th October, 2010 and later sold to Mark Zuckerberg (owner of Facebook) on 9th April, 2012. Instagram also sounds secure, as the pictures and videos posted by the sender could be only viewed by those whom the sender approves during the time of accepting “follow requests”.

Instagram Likes and Follows


Liking and following are earning business attention as well. When we receive a like on our post, it becomes a moment of joy. But, when a business is showered with such praises, they assume themselves to have reached cloud nine. The essential reasons why likes play a vital role in online business are as follows.

  1. It helps in easy promotion of the product brand andcompany.
  2. It also forces the customer to visit the site for more sucharticles.
  3. If the customer gets impressed with the brand and quality it advertises to a few more people about the products and accessoriesavailable.
  4. Instagram has also increased the chances of building more leads and conversation for the top branding websites in order to make the salesbetter.
  5. The companies are able to build up their appearance in the social world and are able to tradeglobally.
  6. It allows the stakeholders to hold a strong grip in the competition arena and helps to stay ahead of thecompetitors.

Basic techniques to climb the rate of followers:

More followers not only ameliorate the business, but it also gives tapping on shoulders for encouragement. It is the followers which help to gain creativity. People gain the followers in following ways.

  1. One should try to socialize the account or Instagram page and fill the page with innovative and creativeideas.
  2. One should always put catchy Instagram stories so that people peep into the photo gallery for moredetails.
  1. One should run contests at regular intervals, so that the enthusiasm among the followers neverdies.
  2. One should tag photos with impressive hashtags.

The conclusion:

Likes and followers through add flavor to the entertainment with Instagram. But for running a business many things beyond likes and followers are needed, starting from construction of a website to work experience. For business purpose, only trained and disciplined workers should undertake the work. Teenagers and children generally create private accounts for amusement.

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