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Anonymity On The Websites With Mobile Proxy

The definition of the term proxy is the authority to replace or represent something else. In terms of cellular technology, this term relates to the server application or appliance that acts as an intermediate between the clients and the web controllers by acting as false anonymous users with a different IP number/ routers that of the original number of the client. In this system, instead of directly accessing the website or the server for particular information, the user uses a mobile proxy server to access the website or server. The proxies redirect the original IP information of a user/device to a fabricated one, keeping the anonymity of the user intact. There are many pros and cons of the growing use of buy proxies in today’s world.

Websites With Mobile Proxy

The benefits of mobile proxies

Many people prefer to keep their identity hidden while accessing several websites and servers. It may either be due to insecurity about one’s details or even the risk of hacking. There are many instances when these systems are used like

  • Verifying several ads to check they are genuine or not
  • Comparing prices of products from different websites for getting genuine price
  • Accessing to hidden information
  • Being safe from piracy while uploading or accessing sensitive personal details
  • Getting a faster connection speed which may not be provided by one’s original network provider
  • To be safe from hacking and cybercrime etc.

The method of activating proxy

When one thinks of linking devices to a proxy server, one may think it is a very difficult thing to do. Relax, since there is no rocket-science behind it! In any device’s settings option, one can find the settings to change the network provider and configuration. In the advanced options, when the proxy name and code are entered into the host setting, the device automatically gets connected to a proxy server. In this way, a person can visit any server or webpage without the authorities getting hold of one’s original device details.

Although many people do not know much about these servers, they are of great use since they allow redirecting the web traffic to any heavily visited website, allowing more people to access it and prevent shedding off the sites. There are no cookies included while accessing sites through these, which makes mobile proxies favored among people.


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