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Numerous accounting and tax obligations for companies

All Thai and international firms registered in Thailand have multiple commitments in connection with accounting and tax. We hereby offer a short description of points you must find out about in the past developing a business in Thailand.

Accounting and also Annual Audit

All the business operating in Thailand need to prepare and maintain accounts Aside from limited companies, this is likewise applicable on international business doing business in Thailand, registered partnerships and joint ventures. It is simply that a personal individual is exempted out of this obligation. The account statements filed by companies require abiding by Thai Accounting Standards and needing to imperatively reflect a true and correct image of the firm’s possessions and also expenses. A recently incorporated firm must shut its initial accountancy year within 12 months after its enrollment, and also for the complying with years the accounting period should be closed after every 12 months. The balance sheet, which is an intro to the assets, obligations, profits and losses of the business, requires be preparing and filing duration the audit year might be transformed, however written authorization by the profits department is required


The economic statements by the business should also be extensively examined and licensed by an accountant, irrespective of the quantity of organisation the business has done. The accounts along with various other relevant organisation files need to be kept in the firm’s signed up address for a minimal period of 5 years.

Corporate Earnings Tax CIT.

Every business needs to have their taxpayer identification number readily available within dich vu bao cao thue quan 1 months of their beginning a business operation in Thailand. Tax obligation identification number will not offer for CIT however it will certainly likewise be useful for VAT and keeping tax functions.


A company ought to get itself registered for VAT if any of the three instances mentioned listed below applies to it:

  • The organisation activities of the firm are VAT subjected e.g. goods export and also import.
  • If the firm turnover is exceeding 1,800,000 Baht yearly. The firm needs to request a VAT number within thirty days of the firm reaching this number.
  • If the company plans to utilize an international nationwide in its business operations after that the government released job license is obligatory for the staff member.

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