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Ways On How To Make Your Brand Stand Out On Instagram – READ HERE

            For so many individuals and companies now involved on social media, trying to find ways to break through all the noise can be a little daunting. But then again, the solutions are often right in front of our faces – so no, you do not need a viral hit to stand out. Others may need help on how to hack an Instagram account to gain lots of attention instantly. We’ll go through a few easy ways to make your company stand out on social media, which you may have missed.

  • Use Your Brand Voice: Being yourself (or brand itself? lol) is one of the quickest and easiest ways to help your business stand out on social media. Easy, huh? While it can be quite the process to nail your brand voice, it will help you stand out from the crowd, and then draw the right followers to your social media.
  • Theme Your Accounts: It’s a great way to improve your presence-particularly on Instagram. Theming means sticking to or following a particular color palette, using the same filters, and the like to produce a specific look and feel. Themed accounts are visually appealing, set the mood for your followers, and represent your brand’s experience or current mood. Themes will shift and fluctuate, too – which is very good.

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  • Using Strong Visuals: Making use of strong visuals is an excellent, easy way to help the company stand out on social media. Hold photographs and videos as transparent and of the best possible quality. This can be crucial to attracting and maintaining followers to bring your branding and represent the look of your brand through imagery. Try to be imaginative and explore ways of using visuals in unconventional ways – try puzzle streams, for example, and grid pictures on Instagram.
  • Tell A Story/Write Compelling Captions: Let’s incorporate the elements we’ve just been through – strong graphics, a theme and your brand voice, and use them to tell your brand story. And the way you say your brand story is by adding more meaning with the captions of your visuals. Seek to compel your captions when adding interest to your audience. Remember that the point is to connect with your audience – so try to create conversations, rather than just talking to them.
  • Using Network Tools/Mix Up Content: The use of network software to add a little extra oomph to your identity is another way to make your company stand out on social media. Make sure to use different posting methods and types of material, in other words, get used to mixing up videos, photos, and don’t forget to throw plain text posts into your daily schedule.

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